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John Ridley is bringing his pen to an all-new Batman series. And its effects will reverberate throughout DC Comics

Will you be taking the plunge?



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The Dark Knight has enjoyed some illustrious adaptations over the years, and it is apparent that the DC hero is showing no signs of stopping. Recently announced at DC Fandome, Oscar-winner John Ridley is set to partner up with artist Ladrönn for a new Batman comic book mystery.

The 12 Years a Slave Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley is set to put his pen to the comic book industry with a limited series run for Batman and already the team-up is looking fruitful.

A sneak peek was shared, and it has us imagining the dark knight in a very futuristic and dystopian Gotham:

dc comic, batman, Ladrönn , john ridley, dc fandome, batman,

A beautiful render for sure. Earlier, comic artist Jim Lee commented on the coming series, saying the new Batman mystery would have “a huge impact on the rest of the line.”

Doom Patrol artist Nick Derington will be working on the Batman comic. It is also noted that the man who dons the cowl will not be Bruce Wayne.

More as things develop.

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