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We like creating. We like it a lot. We also like cake. And like cake, we like to share our ideas, thoughts, news and stuff on everything entertainment, whether it is comics, gaming or animation. But we can never have too many bloggers with passion, and we want to hear from you. Yeah, we are calling you out ‘Warrior’-style, empty glass bottles clinking with wild eyes and all.

So if you could talk for hours on end about some retro video game you played, or how anime literally saved your life, or maybe how the comic is a modern day version of the philosophical essays to rival the Ilyad, then you have a home here.

To become a regular contributor the The Action Pixel blog, just shoot us an email at with your name, what categories you are interested in writing for (animation / gaming / comics) and a sample of your writing style. The sample of your writing style could be an article you wrote for a personal blog or a review of a product. The more relevant to the entertainment industry the better. We’ll have a peruse and get back to you. That simple!