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fortnite season 5, fortnite, trailer, entertainment on tap, announce trailer, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 13th Jul, 2018 Gaming

Worlds are set to collide as Epic Games reveal the “Fortnite” Season 5 announce trailer

Epic Games piles on the frenzy with the announce trailer going live for season 5 of the game Fortnite Description …


halo, microsoft, xbox, showtime, tv series, video game tv series, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, xbox, xbox one
Dulani Wilson 2nd Jul, 2018 Gaming, TV

“Halo” is slated to be adapted into a TV series

After bringing back the Master Chief and the Spartans back at E3 via Halo Infinite, it looks like Microsoft’s plans …


fallout 76, fallout, bethesda, official e3 trailer, official trailer, trailer, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, nuke, gameplay
Dulani Wilson 29th Jun, 2018 Gaming

Bethesda releases new “Fallout 76” gameplay videos

Bethesda’s Fallout 76 gives some insight into the coming gameplay fans can experience come release date. This follows the recent …


fallout 76, please stand by, fallout, bethesda , bethesda softworks, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, pipboy, west virginia,gameplay
Dulani Wilson 25th Jun, 2018 Gaming

Bethesda welcomes settlers to West Virginia with new “Fallout 76” Gameplay Video

Fallout 76‘s big splash at E3 stood as one of the more defining moments for Bethesda Softworks, and the team …


stink bomb, fortnite, the action pixel,entertainment on tap, v4.4, epic games
Dulani Wilson 19th Jun, 2018 Gaming

“Fortnite” dealt it with their new update, introducing the new Stink Bomb to gameplay

Fortnites’s new update takes things to the school hallway locker antics with the introduction of the stink bomb. Players who …


wolfenstein: cyberpilot, bethesda, vr, virtual reality, bethesda softworks, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, nazi, wolfenstein,
Dulani Wilson 16th Jun, 2018 Gaming

Bethesda takes on VR with their new game “Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot”

It most certainly was a good year for VR, with one of the standout moments being the announcement of the …


spiderman, spider-man, comics, marvel comics, insomniac games, marvel's spider-man, marvel's spiderman, wall-crawler, webhead, variants, ps4,spiderman ps4,the action pixel,entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 16th Jun, 2018 Comics, Gaming

Insomniac Games’ version of the web-head in “Marvel’s Spider-Man” PS4 game becomes Marvel Comics canon

It looks like with Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game swinging into action this September, and the prolific show of …


cayde, destiny 2 , forsaken, e3, the action pixel, enterainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 16th Jun, 2018 Gaming

Cayde looks worse for wears in the “Destiny 2: Forsaken” E3 trailer

Cayde doesn’t look so good. Understandably. Point blank shots can do that to a mofo. But the hunt is on …


wolfenstein Youngblood, wolfenstein, bethesda, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 15th Jun, 2018 Gaming

“Wolfenstein: Youngblood” Official E3 Teaser released

Wolfenstein II brought the fight to the Nazis in a fucked-up parallel / not-so-parallel universe. Now Bethesda ups the ante …


revenge of the sith, star wars, star wars jedi: fallen order, jedi, lucasfilm, ea, electronic arts, e3, e3 2018, entertainment on tap
Dulani Wilson 13th Jun, 2018 Gaming, Movie

“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” – what we know of the newly announced Star Wars game

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise may be limping in the box office with its latest Solo outing, but it doesn’t mean …


A Plague Tale: Innocence, Asobo Studio, black death, france, e3 trailer, e3, e3 2018, focus home interactive, the action pixel,entertainment on tap
Dulani Wilson 13th Jun, 2018 Gaming

“A Plague Tale: Innocence” E3 Trailer is sure to make the real-life bubonic plague seem like a touch of the flu in comparison

If you are not a fan of things creepy crawly or rats the size of anything bigger than – well, …


death stranding, guillermo del toro, mads mikkelsen, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, trailer, hideo kojima, the game awards,
Dulani Wilson 13th Jun, 2018 Gaming

“Death Stranding” E3 trailer ever so slightly pulls back the curtain on Hideo Kojima’s cryptic epic

To this point, Hideo Kojima’s super cryptic Death Stranding has eluded all our know sensibilities in trying to decipher what …