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Dulani Wilson 16th Dec, 2017 Comics, Movie

“Deadpool 2” gives us some well-hung art featuring an outstretched Cable

Deadpool has been going pretty classical with their poster art. And it is no different with a new poster and …


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Dulani Wilson 15th Dec, 2017 Animation, Comics

Ivy gets real acquainted with the Ripper in a dank alleyway in a new clip from “Batman: Gotham By Gaslight”

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight brings the Dark Knight to the famed age and milieu of dank, cobblestoned streets in the …


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Dulani Wilson 15th Dec, 2017 Comics, TV

“Titans” gives fans a First look image of Hawk & Dove

When we got news of the casting of Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly as Hawk & Dove for The live-action …


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Dulani Wilson 15th Dec, 2017 Comics, Movie

“Black Panther” is about to put Wakanda on the map in a huge way in new clip

The king of Wakanda makes a royal visit to show the rest of the world how its done in a …


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Dulani Wilson 14th Dec, 2017 Comics, Movie

It’s Official. Disney now has acquired the assets of 20th Century FOX.

Yep, the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Most of us. And even with dissenters voicing genuine concern, for better …


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Dulani Wilson 14th Dec, 2017 Comics, TV

“Black Lightning” new poster comes with a palette suitable for universal warning signs

The CW gets charged up with the new DC hero set to join their roster in the new year – …


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Dulani Wilson 13th Dec, 2017 Comics, Gaming

“The Evil Within: the Interlude” bridges the events between the first and second prolific psycho-horror

When it comes to survival horror, The Evil Within arguably carved out an ugly, sanguine-drenched psycho-terrifying lane in the world …


james mangold, logan, 20th century fox, the action pixel, marvel, marvel comics, wolverine, x-men, entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 13th Dec, 2017 Comics, Movie

Disney and 20th Century Fox’s deal is a call for concern. And the director of Logan succinctly explains why.

There are reports that have been made which states the Disney / Fox deal is as good as done, with …


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Dulani Wilson 12th Dec, 2017 Comics, TV

Frank Castle is on count ‘two batch’ as “The Punisher” gets renewed for a second season

While our late coming #ThePunisher review will lift its head around the end of this week, news comes that fast …


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Dulani Wilson 11th Dec, 2017 Comics, Movie

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” sequel begins filming in 2018

Spider-Man: Homecoming was a hit and run for the Marvel / Sony team, especially considering Sony’s renewed push with their …


loki, infinity war, tesseract, avengers infinity war,THANOS, trailer ,official trailer, AVENGERS, avengers: infinity war, infinity war, iron man, thor, iron-man, falcon, peter, guardians of the galaxy, doctor strange, black panther, spider man, spider-man, captain america, ant-man, wasp, hawkeye, war machine,
Dulani Wilson 11th Dec, 2017 Comics, Movie

Loki allies himself with the winning team come “Avengers: Infinity War”

Loki has been a somewhat iconic yet wishy-washy character in the Marvel onslaught of films, where in one instance he’s …


miles morales, spiderman, spider man, spider-man, sony, marvel, marvel comics, animated feature, animation, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,sony animation, marvel
Dulani Wilson 10th Dec, 2017 Animation, Comics

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse” – the Sony animation feature – is something that has to be witnessed

And even as Insomniac Games titillates us with a BTS of their coming Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game, Sony flexed some …