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MCM London Comic Con 2014



mcm Comic Con with @TheActionPixel

mcm Comic Con with @TheActionPixelLines! Special Guests! Cosplay fancy pants! It’s nearing that time again where we get to totally immerse ourselves in the aura of geekdom and spaz out at the sight of our favourite actors, characters, exclusive releases and comics come this year’s MCM London Comic Con. And by the looks of things, this year’s line-up of features and special guests is one for the books. Most notably, the right, honorable, Anime-Jedi director Shinichiro Watanabe himself will be present. And… ooo the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be there two (Green seems to be MIA… again).

There also will be dealer stalls, autograph sessions and memorabilia on sale, with Q & A’s and a whole lot of Steampunk and Cosplay. So you can take comfort in knowing there will be no shortage of activities to partake in. T.A.P will be sticking our heads in to have a peruse, so if you are around just drop us a tweet @TheActionPixel #EntertainmentOnTAP and come take a snappy-snap with us. And bring cake. Undoubtedly your Cosplay get-up will be better than ours. We’ll probably just look like a tourist guy with a camera.

Blogger, comic book and anime fan. FPS addict. All very convenient. Known to do storyboards and motion graphics when he's really busy.

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