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Image’s “Drifter”: Cover and Panel Art Teaser



Image Comics has recently release art for their new ‘Drifter’ title, including cover and panel art. The narrative takes place in a time of great exodus, where civilisation has colonised and harvested planets across the cosmos.  Our hero is Abram Pollox, who pretty much crash lands on the worst, lawless type of planet called Ouro, and pretty much has to keep his wits about him in a place that is a govern-less, dark, alien planet. We’re thinking Sci-Fi Western. Love when genres get married. Features work of writer Ivan Brandon and artist Nic Klein. Check out the cover and panel art below:

© Image. 'Drifter' Cover

© Image. ‘Drifter’ Cover

drifter 1 page @theactionpixel

© Image

drifter 2 page @theactionpixel

© Image

drifter 3 page @theactionpixel

© Image

drifter 4 page @theactionpixel

© Image

Issue one is set for release November 12.

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