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“Deadpool 3” is a go once Disney + Marvel hash out details

Under new management



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More details have come out since Ryan Reynolds shared his recent school trip to Marvel Studios. And it seems the actor and the Deadpool writers have secured a hall pass to keep making adult-centric Deadpool movies, as Deadpool 3 is just on the other side of a Marvel + Disney detail hashing out.

This all, of course, is the modus operandi for the Deadpool team post-Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Marvel has since reabsorbed their X-Men et al franchise via the Disney-Fox deal. The Deadpool franchise now stands under the Marvel umbrella, so any film that comes from the Reynolds’ team will have to get the sign of approval from Marvel and Disney.

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The screenwriting team of Rheet Reese and Paul Wernick also promised that the Deadpool franchise would “will live in R-rated universe”.

This I think could work alongside an MCU where characters enter Deadpool movies as opposed to Deadpool entering the PG MCU. Hopefully, that is the plan anyway.

Things do seem highly optimistic, but, like the writers also divulged, there is still a lot to be discussed and worked out before this is a definite go and Deadpool 3 begins production

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