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Sons Of The Devil #1



sons of the devil #1 cover. image comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

sons of the devil #1 cover. image comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelSure, who doesn’t like a sanguineous tale of psychological, cultish murders and slaughter. But when it comes to Brian Buccellato and Toni Infante spinning a narrative out of the yarn of fated sisters three, the result is a slow-burning psychological thriller that turns your brain into a fleshlight to be used by pure evil.

The slow burn is definitely like that of True Detective, the TV series where, in the grand objective scope of things nothing really happens but the characters and tension are palpable enough to take a meaty bite through. And these are the stories that are hard to sculpt, but rewarding when pulled off.

Sons Of The Devil‘s story follows blue collar stiff whose life sucks. He’s a 25-year old orphan, has a dog, a condition called heterochromia iridium (one eyes is red, the other blue), a boss that is shit and… oh yeah, he found out that he is the son of a cult leader.

Infante, artist for Sons Of The Devil, spoke on his impressions of the narrative:

The moment I finished Brian’s first script for Sons of the Devil, I knew that it was a project that I had to be a part of. Despite not knowing where it will lead us or how difficult the work would be, I just had to find out. I guess I really related to Travis (the main character) and his need to learn the truth about his past, and I hope the readers will, too.

So expect a lot of blood sacrifices and the occult. But truly at its center is the concept of family and often we think we can’t choose who we call family. But apparently we can. In spite of genealogy, ou ultimately choose who dwells in you inner (magic) circle.

Character driven plots, even angrier auras, Sons Of The Devil is summing up to be on hell of a read and a series to look out for.

Sons Of The Devil is set to release from Image Comics in Spring 2015


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