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Until Dawn Teaser Trailer



until Dawn. Supermassive games. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

until Dawn. Supermassive games. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelSurvival horror in video games is pretty much a beast onto itself right about now. it was only an amount of time until the genre went back to basics: a vulnerable girl just out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. If the Oz prison fight and Psycho curtain-stab scene are any indicator, we’re the most vulnerable in the shower. We’re naked, not well kept in some places, just a whole messy situation.

Well, Until Dawn is just that. It’s a classic Hollywood horror, but a video game. You get to play hot blonde Samantha, who lost her perfect little world, taking a bath, listening to her headphones, as you do. Then all her precious BFF’s go AWOL and you have a creepy, clown-masked psychopath that wants to be the only one to show you things… which are most likely your own entrails. Hope that towel is tucked in tightly… or not… nah, nothing sexy about dying.

Lot’s of Hollywood tropes with this one, so not sure if it will have the impact of other horror games, like that god awful scary Outlast game. But this is just a teaser, so they definitely will have more scarefests en route. Or they may just be sticking to their ‘thriller’ label, just to be safe.

The game also adopts a ‘decision gameplay’ format similar to Telltale’s brand of gaming like Games Of Thrones. You’ll be forced to make quick, snap decisions that can have detrimental consequences attached to them later down the line for Sam. No pressure then.

The trailer premiered at the Playstation Experience Event, and the developer Supermassive Games makes Until Dawn exclusive for the Playstation 4. Nothing by way of release date, but we’ll keep an ear out.

Check out the teaser trailer for Until Dawn in the player below:


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