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Cancelled Cry On game trailer released



Mistwalkers cry on. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Mistwalkers cry on. the action pixel. @theactionpixelWith Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV on their way to us in the new year, the creator of the series Hironobu Sakaguchi took a nostalgic route over the festive season, recently posting a trailer for a game that never was. Cry On, which was intended to be released on Sakaguchi’s imprint Game Dev company Mistwalker was cancelled back in 2008 due to the unstable financial environment at the time.

So, a Credit crunch crutch? Not entirely, as valid as this point was for the cancellation of Cry On, there’s also the growing trend in video games of avoiding the depiction of children interacting with ‘gentle giants’. Who knows what creepos would try to subvert this into something way darker and uglier than what could happen in any game… but having that said, children in games should not make it inherently for children, and we know how the PR machines can get anal when it comes to child representation and any perceived taking part in mild mischief and fantasy violence. Wouldn’t want them doing any stunts from the top of the staircases would we?

Similar theme changes are being made to the likes of the ever-delayed The Last Guardian, with earlier trailers featuring a child interacting with a gargantuan bird-like creature being cut.

Sakaguchi released the trailer on his YouTube page, also tweeting concept art related to Cry On with not that much fanfare or explanation from Sakaguchi. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to have seen it developed.

Check out the cancelled Cry On trailer in the player below:


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