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Wacko, Jacko and Dot are back. “The Animaniacs” returns in new clip

The Brothers (And Sister) are back in new teaser clip



the animaniacs, animaniacs, wb, wacko,jacko, dot, hulu, featured,
the animaniacs, animaniacs, wb, wacko,jacko, dot, hulu, featured,

They’ve gone and done it. The zany, loony Animaniacs has been part of a Saturday morning staple for kids that grew up in the 90’s. It is afterall a time-honoured tradition of being seated before the warm CRT glow of kids programming with a side of sucrose-laced cereal. Now Hulu has used there voodoo to give new lease of life to the Animaniacs IP to bring back the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) their own animated series.

And with all the gags, pop culture references and 4th wall-busting comedy, The Animaniacs remind us they were Deadpool before Deadpool.

And with Pinky And The Brain also being on route, it looks like the 90’s are returning to its former days of glory.

Description reads:

Welcome to Animaniacs. We’ll give you a second to soak it all in. ✨ All new episodes November 20, only on @Hulu!

Check out the clip in the player below:

Animaniacs series is slated for release on Hulu come November 20, 2020

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