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New “Black Widow” reveals include David Harbour’s character and timeline

Mother Russia would be proud ☭



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After quite the eventful showcase Marvel put on in Hall H, more news gets revealed about the first in the flurry of Phase 4 Marvel films – Black Widow.

In terms of timeline, the Black Widow movie’s narrative point occurs after the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. What a way to move on from the Infinity Saga there, guys.

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There is also news regarding actor David Harbour‘s character in the coming Black Widow movie. The Stranger Things/ Hellboy actor will be playing Alexei.

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In the Marvel comics, Alexei aka the Red Guardian is essentially Russia’s answer to Captain America. So, like Hellboy, he will be sporting all-red, and may or may not have global domination plans.

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Marvel Studios’ Black Widow movie is slated for cinematic release come May 1, 2020

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