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Hideo Kojima + Norman Reedus



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Looks like things are forever on the up-and-up for Hideo Kojima in recent months. After having left a rocky relationship (to say the least) with Kojima, he’s already been put up to receive a reward (one he could actually collect himself).

Now it seems stars are realigning yet again with Hideo Kojima’s fateful re-meeting with The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus.

They worked together, as you know, on the Playable Trailer for Silent Hills, the greatest game that never was, which fell apart the same time Kojima and Konami had their ‘contention’, or whatever it was.

Kojima also recently opened up about the tumultuous time when the PT was publicly crucified by Konami and how both actor Norman Reedus and director Del Toro offered their support and advice:

Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus, who I just saw a couple of days ago, they really gave me a lot of support through my toughest times. We always talk about doing something down the line.

Now Kojima fired this tweet out to the world, and needless to say something is certainly brewing behind the scenes:

And seeing Kojima’s recent induction into Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame at the 19th DICE Awards had his award presented by Guillermo Del Toro, who also worked on Silent Hills (P.T.), we can guestimate a new, dare I say, better game is in the works.


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