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Pixel Plays | “The Banner Saga”



pixel plays the banner saga. stoic studio. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Pixel Plays gets our war-strategy thinking cap as Amer and Stuart play a bit of Stoic’s The Banner Saga. Bit of your e’eryday Nordic fantasy. The turn-based strategy game had us wishing we had control of a small army of mercenaries. Just hope to god that you’re not the weakest link. Cause boy, we will sacrifice your pawn punk-ass for a win.

Description reads:

Pixel Plays’ Amer and Stuart delve into Sun Tzu / The Prince territory with Stoic Studio’s “The Banner Saga”. And Amer, like the true military strategist he is, is all about going for the kill and sacrificing a few pawns for the win. Time for mourning? Meh.

See the Pixel Plays The Banner Saga in the player below:


PIXEL PLAYS BANNER. the action pixel. @theactionpixel. All rights reserved.

Pixel Plays airs every Wednesday at 2 pm BST on The Action Pixel YouTube channel


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