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Green Lantern post-Convergence



renegade green lantern. the action pixel. @thectionpixel dc comics

DC has been making some changes to the DC roster of heroes for their post-Convergence event, from Superman’s haircut to Batman’s mecha suit to killing off Kyle Rayner (one of these seem pretty extreme). But it seems the White Lantern isn’t the only one affected by Convergence. Green Lantern has taken on the hooded look with an ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ type ring get up. Must have gotten it from Run The Jewels. So maybe this was the result after hearing about Green Lantern not having a ring anymore.

DC will drastically on their GL titles, as upcoming title Green Lantern: The Lost Army will see the near catastrophic destruction of 99% of the Green Lantern Corp in an alternate universe, leaving only Hal Jordan to deal with damage control.

But anyway, check out the new digs in the image below, rendered by Billy Tan:renegade green lantern. the action pixel. @thectionpixel

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