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Range Murata character design on anime series Yuyake Dandan



Yuyake Dandan. dynamo pictures, the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Yuyake Dandan. dynamo pictures, the action pixel. @theactionpixelYuyake Dandan, the upcoming short anime series created by Range Murata, better known for his work onBlue Submarine No. 6 and LAST EXILE. And with the launch of their site this week comes the Murata’s character design of the two main protagonists, your high school uniformed girl by the name of Nanami and a cat-like character by the name of Lotobuki.

Produced by Dynamo Pictures, the story revolves around the setting of a stairway called “Yuyake Dandan” near the JR Nippori station in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo. Here is where Nanami meets Lotobuki, as cat that she finds out can communicate with her. From their they build a friendly relationship, with the odd riffs here and there.

Yuyake Dandan is set to be screened as an interlude in the theatres of the 109 Cinemas chain in Japan from this April 2015


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