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Green Lantern: No more ring?



green lantern . dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

green lantern . dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelConvergence is DC Comics main comic event in the same hemisphere as Marvel’s Secret Wars, seeing Braniac turning the world as we know it into very large incubated petri dish. But while Covergence is gearing up for its release on comic book shelves, comic series Green Lantern: New Guardians, Green Lantern Corps and Red Lanterns are reaching the end of their narrative culde sac in March.But what big event will be happening in the Green Lantern series.

Matt Idelson, editor of the Green Lantern series teases Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, won’t have a ring anymore:

Let’s just say for the moment, the ring will no longer be the thing!

green lantern new 52. dc comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelThe Green Lantern uses a mystical ring that channels his thoughts and willpower into a physical, tangible conjuring of energy. So we suspect Jordan having no ring may mean he has elevated his mind pass the point where he no longer needs the ring to act as a conduit for his will? If so, that’s great news, because it’ll cut out the whole “ring recharging” thing. No one wants a mystical tool of power that resembles the mannerisms of a cellphone.
Or is it a simpler case of Hal Jordan being replaced? And was this move made for the a later reboot to tie in a new Green Lantern comic arc with DC’s Green Lantern feature in 2020 as part of the DC Film Roster? Seems so, as the Green Lantern’s Corp is set to begin ‘anew’. But it’s not like DC Comics will reveal all their cards at once, so we’ll wait and see.

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