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Mojang / Telltale Games team up for Minecraft: Storymode



minecraft storymode. Mojang. Telltale games. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

minecraft storymode. Mojang. Telltale games. the action pixel. @theactionpixelMojang’s Minecraft and Telltale Games’ decision-led titles aren’t necessarily two worlds you would think to exist side by side; Minecraft deals exclusively with open world, sandbox environments while Telltale dabbles in the art of decision gaming. This did not stop the two devs however from teaming up to create a new decision-led game based in the voxel-based environment of Minecraft– welcome to Minecraft: Storymode.

Oh, and how’d they break the news? Press conference. A blog post? Hardly. They made a little short, retro-styled adventure-based indie game called Info Quest II on Mojang’s website. #BossStatus.

Telltale Games is certainly the company of cross-border collaborations, having worked with many titles based in the realm of graphic novels (The Walking Dead, Fables: The Wolf Among Us), video games (Tales from The Borderlands) and film series (Game Of Thrones). And it doesn’t seem anything will be slowing these guys down.

Mojang states the collaborative effort will be quintessentially of a Minecraft look and feel, though the graphics won’t be that typical to avid Minecraft fans. Mojang also claims that the game will be different from previous Telltale titles, as it is the player that creates the narrative for their character; Minecraft isn’t a game with any definitive, existing narrative. This potential could open a whole new lane in how Telltale chooses to approach its development.

Expected to be released sometime in the next year, so expected fans can get in on the impending action on their mobiles, PS4 and Xbox. Those that would like it? The ones who build a cubed mud hut and decided it was a good idea to go wondering out at night with no fire in Minecraft. Like me. Enough shoddy architecture and poor decision making to go around for all of us.

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