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Hurt Me Plenty BDSM game



hurt me plenty. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

hurt me plenty. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelHurt Me Plenty is pretty a game that leaves nothing much to the animation. We came across this title recently and all we could say was ‘That’s rich’. It’s a video game that teaches how to engage in (consensual) S & M, without all the extra gear and shame afterwards.

Robert Yang, the developer of Hurt Me Plenty, was clear to mention your submissive subject is consenting, and encourages safe practices whilst trying to ‘win’ by arousing hairy-chested dude via light BDSM play. Spanking, some other stuff using equipment. All real technical stuff.

hurt me plenty. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelOf course, there are boundaries, for what kind of game would it be if there wasn’t any? Spank too hard and your “hairy beefcake” shouts “Stop!”. What you do want to hear is “Yes, Mistress”.

We wish we could say this was the most extreme, sex-themed video game we have played but alas it is not. There are others. Yeah, we know. Consensual Torture Simulator anyone?

So once the rules in the 3-D room are laid out, you can get all creative in arousing you sub. Apparently the simple design managed to leave out certain intricacies involved in BDSM, like safe words and role reversals (being submissive is just a whole lot of receiving), but hey who are we to judge peoples misuse of a belt?

But it is games like these that puts certain arguments in perspective. Like the ‘feminist’ petition that got GTA V pulled off Target shelves are nowhere to be found. Last I checked Trevor was very indiscriminate mowing down bystanders with his drunk driving.

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