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Ackk Studio’s Y2K



ackk studios 'y2k'. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

ackk studios 'y2k'. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelPokémon-styled battles, a hipster-chic nerd meleéing a rat with a vinyl record (his weapon of choice, not circumstance), fuzzy-wuzzy pandas, puzzle-solving and 90’s era pre-millenium technological hysteria. You’d think I was grabbing random ideas out of thin air, but these are all elements you will find in the upcoming Japenese-inspired RPG called Y2K.

Here’s Y2K’s synopsis as described by Ackk Studios:

When an erratically behaving elevator claims the life of a young woman, unemployed recent college graduate Alex Eggleston takes to a primitive 1990s message-board to find answers about the death of this stranger. His quest for answers leads to more questions as his research points him to a mysterious van the internet has dubbed the “Death Cab”. This vehicular oddity roams the game’s city and countryside. Who is driving it? And despite the death toll surrounding the vehicle, why does no one seem recognise its threat? The “Mother series” and Haruki Murakami provides inspiration for the quirky characters and the through-provoking script. These elements come together in a dramatic and mysterious story rife with emotional depth to bring the player on a journey.

Now we said ‘Japenese-inspired RPG’ not ‘JRPG’ because well, its made by American outfit ACKK Studios.
But having that said, it does not make Y2K any less absurd or entertaining. Have a look at some stills and you’ll certainly get a sense of what we mean: ackk studios 'y2k'. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelackk studios 'y2k'. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelackk studios 'y2k'. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel

Also, check out some pre-Alpha test footage of the Y2K game published by ACKK Studios:

Y2K is set for release on PS4, PS3, Windows, Linux and Mac. Dates to be confirmed. In any case, we want to show this title to our future kids and show them exactly what Y2K was like in real life and tell them how lucky they are to have new technology like rat traps and record players that made music with our weapons.

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