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Classic NES game Duck Hunt comes to Nintendo’s Wii U



nes light zapper and in-game super mario bros and duck hunt. The Action Pixel. @theactionPixelIf you remember ever playing Nintendo NES and that super sleek orange – grey Zapper gun, you will certainly remember Duck Hunt. I remember it being an in-pack game that came with Super Mario Bros., and I only played it to see how far I could go before bending the TV antennas out of pure rage. Great fun it was. Good times. And now Nintendo is bringing back the classic game to the Wii U.

duck hunt. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixelThe game starts like this; a scrappy little orange dog strolls on to the screen. Barks a few times and jumps into some tall grass. Obviously your out Elma Fudd huntin’. Then he scares up some ducks that flap around a bit before flying off. You have to shoot them. Simple right. The first few are easy. Shoot one down your dog pops out the grass holding the dead duck up with a happy smile. Then two and more ducks start flapping around faster and all over the place. You’re shooting and getting nothing but air. The ducks get away. And that stupid, infuriating dog pops up… laughing. This happens a couple of times. So you get annoyed and start shooting at the dog. It does work of course and you end up wasting valuable time as the ducks start flying while you pulling the trigger trying to take your dog to the big farm in the sky. Then you missed so much it’s game over, with that stupid mutt covering his mouth laughing his ass off at your failure. Something in me and that NES Zapper gun snapped that day.

But the younger generation needs to learn a thing or three about being up to task, failure and the a-holes that revel in it. Duck Hunt will be made available to fans and gamers via Wii U’s Virtual Console service. So be sure to teach your kids about anger, self-control and all those other good traits Duck Hunt will not instil in them.

Nintendo, despite their dismal year back in 2013, have had some great fortune in recent times, so much so you should be itching for a Wii U and a few titles for Christmas if you haven’t been getting busy with the playing and collecting.

Duck Hunt is out December 25th 2014 on the Wii U


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