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X-Men ’92



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The 1990’s. The era of neon-coloured clothes and slang. It also brought us some of the most icon animations to grace our Saturday Morning screens.

The X-Men animation series was one that truly stood out, from the mature narratives to the awesome intro that introduced each X-Men in a celebratory fashion with their names bold and towering about them. The animation series ran from 1992 to 1997, and was widely well-received. It seems now Marvel wants to rekindle a bit of that nostalgic magic by releasing a title series drawing on the look and feel of the classic X-Men 90’s Animation. We hope to see the Jim Lee-inspired character design come full swing in this series

xmen 92Cover @Theactionpixel

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These narrative arcs are familiar to similar titles explored by DC Comics’ Batman ’66 and Wonder Woman ’77, which looked at the heroes in their nostalgic days of glory. The comic is set for release come the Summer of 2015.

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