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The Marvel Universe is no safer than Titan



Marvel / Attack On Titan crossover title

Marvel / Attack On Titan crossover title

Marvel / Attack On Titan crossover title

Marvel has headed to Manga and Anime Mecca. And no, it’s not another Logan movie, but this time the exodus comes with a ‘titanic’ meeting of cultures. Marvel’s C.B. Cebluski has announced a crossover title between the epic Attack on Titan and Marvel titles in Japan. If you ever wondered what would happen if the gargantuan creatures from Attack On Titan were unleashed on to the Marvel-verse, well imagine no more, as the teaser image above was released on Cebluski’s Twitter should get you all hot under the collar. Spiderman looks more under pressure than usual for some reason.

But if Spidey and Cebluski needs help, we have the ultimate tag team to keep things in check. Although the Marvel Universe is going to need more than a few bandages after they are through though:

Hulk /Mikasa tag team THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Hulk /Mikasa tag team

The crossover title is set for release in Japan in the next 2 weeks. Godspeed Marvel. Godspeed Mikasa. Godspeed.

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