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Punisher’s End?



FRANK CASTLE BANNER: The Action Pixel @TheActionPixelThe Punisher, one of Marvel’s maturer titles, may be seeing the last of its days come 2015. The title went through a short revamp which will be wrapping up in 2015. This radical decision apparently is not a sales issue but one of narrative direction. With the recent, Richter scale shake up happening in the Marvel Universe, including changes coming in the form of ‘female’ Thor and an African-American Captain America, the changes to The Punisher may follow in the same lines.

The Punisher's FRANK CASTLE BANNER: The Action Pixel @TheActionPixel

But fear not, two book releases will be made available to fans in the coming months in 2015 one being chocked with mature content that makes Frank Castle the left arm of real vigilante justice under the MAX title.

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