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TAP 10

We love making Top Ten lists. And they countdown old school-style, like the timer on a dirty Soviet bomb. Comics + Animation + Gaming #TAP10
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Dulani Wilson 1st Aug, 2018 Comics, Movie, TAP10

#TAP10 | Batfleck Replacements Top Ten List

Rumours of Ben Affleck leaving (a teeter-tottering exercise of inconsistency) the Matt Reeves’ The Batman production.Ben Affleck’s role reprisal of …


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Dulani Wilson 18th Jun, 2018 Comics, Features, TAP10

#TAP10 | Top Ten LGBTQ+ Comic Book Superheroes

#TAP10 comes once again with the lists. And being the one to make relevant lists connected to what’s happening out …


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Dulani Wilson 1st Mar, 2018 Comics, Features, TAP10

#TAP10: The top ten Super (Natural) Heroes

Another #TAP10! Man, it has been ages, hasn’t it? Why? Let’s not even get into all that *puts away game …


anime tropes. the action pixel. tap 10. @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 24th Feb, 2016 Animation, TAP10

#TAP10 | Anime Tropes

Anime is still by far one of the greatest forms of animation to exist on this known planet that still …


Dulani Wilson 14th Oct, 2015 Comics, TAP10

#TAP10 Comic Book Jobs

The current job climate is a precarious one to say the least. You either don’t have enough experience, or you …


#tap10 comic book femme fatales. the action pixel. @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 26th Aug, 2015 Comics, TAP10

#TAP10 Comic Book Femme Fatales

Women. They’re… they’re something else. They grow human beings. They bleed every month and it’s considered ‘normal’. Hell, if we …


#tap10 top 10 Patriotic american hero. the action pixel. @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 4th Jul, 2015 Comics, TAP10

#TAP10 Patriotic American Hero

It is the fourth of July, a special time for Americans celebrating Independence day! So while America might not have …


Dulani Wilson 11th May, 2015 Gaming, TAP10

#TAP10 Gamer Issues

As a gamer there’s so much we enjoy about our down time. It’s the adrenaline rush of taking down a …


#TAP10 #top10 crumby ways to die in a video game. The action pixel. @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 6th Feb, 2015 Gaming, TAP10

#TAP10 Crumby Ways To Die In A Video Game

For all you gamers out there, when it comes to dominating noobs like a unrefined long-armed gorilla in the Serengeti …


Top 10 #TAP10 dr jekyll and mr hyde. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 2nd Jan, 2015 Comics, TAP10

#TAP10 The “Jekyll & Hyde” Complex

We all have a dark side. Sure. It’s what makes for great character depth and narratives. It’s the side of …


#Tap10 top 10 Comic Book Lawmen. The Action Pixel. @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 28th Dec, 2014 Comics, TAP10

#TAP10 Comic Book Lawmen

Don’t you just love the police? Well, at least back in the day. Most they’d do then was rough you …


Dulani Wilson 22nd Dec, 2014 Animation, TAP10

#TAP10 80’s Animation Series

The 1980’s. Home to the era of synth music, fascinations with a technologically-endowed future, complete with robots, space travel, vehicular …