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Arrakis teems with monstrosities in “Dune: Awakening” game announcement trailer

Fear is the mind killer. The worms will take care of the rest.



Playstation brings the spice and a teaser for an MMO game inspired the Dune franchise. You know, the one Star Wars has ripped off all these years. But like the Star Wars franchise, survival is key in Dune: Awakening.

Nevertheless, if fear is the mind killer we are sure an open-world game where the planet is all desert and nothing else probably won’t make for the best vistas. But, on the other hand, the planet is practically made up of drugs, so that is a check in our books.

Descripiton reads:

Rise from survival to dominance in Dune: Awakening, an Open World Survival MMO set on a vast and seamless Arrakis shared by thousands of players. Coming to PlayStation 5.

Watch the Dune Awakening Announcement trailer in the player below:

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