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“Officer Downe” is ‘f***ing groundbreaking’



kim coates,officer downe, image comics, joe casey ,Chris Burnham

kim coates,officer downe, image comics, joe casey ,Chris Burnham

Officer Downe, the film adaptation of the Image’s comic bearing the same name, is set to have its premiere screening at LA Film Festival come June 3rd. But it seems to already be making its impact felt.
kim coates,officer downe, image comics, joe casey ,Chris Burnham

Starring Kim Coates, who played Tig in FX’s Sons Of Anarchy, Officer Downe‘s narrative circles around an LAPD police officer (Coates) who is repeatedly revived back to the land of the living to wage a never-ending bloody crusade against the criminal element.

And it seems Coates is pretty ecstatic about his role in the project:

It’s fucking groundbreaking, man. Wait till you see it. Wait till you see the special effects. The special effects are insane. They’re phenomenal. We didn’t leave anything out from the comic book. Not one thing… This character is a real guy, he’s a real cop, he believes in the badge… And he dies. And they put him on ice for 20 years. Because he was a cop’s cop. He just fought all the bad guys. And now L.A. is a mess. It’s Gotham City times 20, with bad guys. It is horrifying what’s going on in the city. And they find a way to bring him back. But is he part Frankenstein? Is he part RoboCop?

Joe Casey, who along with artist Chris Burnham created the ultra-violent comic series, also mentioned that the film ‘makes Crank look like The English Patient’. So, we can pretty much safely say that fans can expect one helluva gritty narrative onslaught on the senses.


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