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TAP Reviews | Marvel’s “Daredevil” S2 E6: ‘Regrets Only’



tap reviews daredevil s2 e6 regrets only. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

TAP Reviews | Marvel's "Daredevil" S2 E5: 'Kinbaku'. marvel. netflix. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

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Daredevil and Elektra are in the thick of it in the last episode of Episode 5. And with the Punisher segment seeminglyon hiatus, Daredevil season 2 goes in on Side B for the Elektra saga.



tap reviews daredevil s2 e6 regrets only. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

It would seem Daredevil’s valiant effort to quell and squash organised crime was a fleeting idealistic goal. Elektra’s little hacking activity of shady corp Roxxon in the previous episode has brought Yakuza out of hiding. The Yakuza which Daredevil believed he sent packing back in season 1. Only they haven’t left Hell’s Kitchen, but have been in hiding and letting the Devil wipe out their competition. As you do.
elektra. daredevil season 2. netflix. marvel. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Now Elektra, who obviously has no qualms about sinking her talons into men, convinces Daredevil to partner up in a tag-team over coffee and pie. Mmm. Sex metaphors.

And now the case against Castle goes ahead. Reyes is on the warpath to get Frank put away. And with the death penalty a strong possibility, Murdock steps in to represent Frank Castle, the Punisher. But the responsibility of his law firm and representing Castle plus his promise to ELektra and night-activities as the Daredevil soon start to take toll with Foggy and Karen on the losing end of Murdock’s attention.
matt murdock. elektra. tap reviews daredevil s2 e6 regrets only. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Murdock and Elektra go infiltrating a typical rich soiree-heist scenario to lift a security card to gain access to a ledger that details Roxxon’s criminal transactions, and after being nearly caught use the cover of drunken semi-public make-out sex to throw off henchmen’s suspicions. So much treading the edge of your explicit stipulation there, Elektra.

 daredevil s2 e6 regrets only. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

There is an obvious connection brewing between The Punisher and Karen Page, and her passion to find out the events surrounding the demise of Frank’s family. Karen in an brazen outburst shows Frank a picture of his perfect past when his kids were alive; she wants answers. Answers that’ll come only if he escapes the death penalty verdict. And Frank seemingly has more of a connection with her (or maybe he’s working a slight angle) so he only confers with her and wears his heart on his sleeve. Speaking to her about what he remembers on the fateful day his wife and children got killed. But even as emotive as things get, we are reminded of exactly how dangerous Castle is; he is chained to a hospital bed, sectioned off with a red do-not-cross red tape.

Karen convinces Castle to plead guilty to 25 years with possibility of parole and with the added bonus of having the death penalty off the table. But of course it looks like Reyes plan is to let the prison gangs get to Frank in gen pop, to which Frank says “sounds Like a party”. Ah, Frank. But as the court proceedings happen on the hospital floor, we see Frank do away with touchy-feely emotions, whittling it down to one, a seething, white hot rage. He pleads not guilty, and ups the ante with a threat to DA Reyes about wanting to watch her burn. Not exactly sure what Karen was expecting after she told Frank that Reyes was involved somehow with the Central Park massacre / issuing a DNR on Castle even as his family lay dead. The same reason Frank loses it on the thought of pleading guilty is the same reason he goes off when his sanity is called into question. Guilt connotes remorse. PTSD and insanity connotes a mistake. But Frank’s annihilation of criminals is Sun-Tzu-esque calculated and he is far from sorry. Revenge is all that is keeping Frank alive. And he’s not about to throw shade on it for a seemingly good deal.

Frank wants answers. And he’s going to get them.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock. Daredevil. marvel . netflix. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

We get a sense that the greatest fight to come next is one where Murdock’s suit will be a 3-piece rather than red with horns, as People vs. Frank Castle will surely be a spectacle. And, thinking way ahead here, how similar it would be if Punisher-lite aka Daredevil would be sitting in that same chair defending himself and his actions. Season 3 or 4 maybe?! In any case, the Devil seems to be stretched thin, and he will soon have to do some major prioritising. And Elektra’s sultry side is as present as ever, but the flawless, deadly ninja assassin is something that we’re still waiting to see, particularly in her fighting style.

This episode was a pretty much straight point-shoot type of narrative, revealing more of Frank’s humanity, only to be brutally reminded that he is a man of danger and no compromise. As such there is nothing terribly new about this episode; it mostly just reaffirms things we’ve already known or suspected. All-in-all a nice set up for what surely will be a more explosive follow-up episode.

RATING: 2.5 out of 5 stars

A visual segue to The People Vs Frank Castle. The encrypted Ledger Matt and Elektra found doesn’t get us as excited… unless a familiar name pops up… a certain big guy from Season 1 maybe…

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