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Dulani Wilson 4th Jun, 2018 Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Solo: A Star Wars Story”

Lucasfilm has fallen into the Disney streamline and is beginning to churn out intergalactic narratives from far far away at …


Dulani Wilson 30th Apr, 2018 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Avengers: Infinity War”

This is it. All things converge at this pivotal moment. Ten years of film-after-film churned out by Marvel Studios brings …


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Dulani Wilson 3rd Apr, 2018 Gaming, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Tomb Raider”

It has been a while since a filmic Lara Croft has graced our screens with the sex appeal of archaeology …


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Dulani Wilson 31st Mar, 2018 Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Pacific Rim Uprising”

John Boyega takes up the mantle from Idris Elba as the frontman of the second instalment in the Pacific Rim …


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Dulani Wilson 19th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Black Panther”

Marvel Studios has been at the forefront of the comic book film genre for over a decade. That is a …


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Dulani Wilson 19th Dec, 2017 Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and the beginning of the Disney Fantasia era

Disney has been on an undeniable streak of Empire-esque ambitions. From the acquiring of 20th Century Fox to be added …


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Dulani Wilson 18th Dec, 2017 Comics, Reviews, TV

#TAPReviews | The Punisher and the flaw in the vengeful right

Frank Castle’s debut in Daredevil Season 2 left many pleased with the rage filled, blood-soaked, vengeful militaristic vigilante that is …


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Dulani Wilson 20th Nov, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Justice League”

It has finally come to pass. The shortcuts and the hinging and crowbarring of IP atop of IP has led …


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Dulani Wilson 29th Oct, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “The Death Of Stalin”

A surprising entry to the flurry of caped reimagined supermen of the comic book movie is a humble, bleak comedy …


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Dulani Wilson 26th Oct, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Thor Ragnarok”

We were promised doom and destruction with the coming Nordic version of Armageddon, and Marvel Studios brings the Mightiest Avenger …


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Dulani Wilson 10th Oct, 2017 Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Blade Runner 2049”

It has been 35 years in the making. Or at least that is the buzz line being used in promoting …


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Dulani Wilson 28th Sep, 2017 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”

Kingsman, with all the financial success, doubled down and crafted a sequel for new and old fans of the film …