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TAP Reviews | Marvel’s “Daredevil” S2 E2: ‘Dogs To A Gunfight’



tap review: daredevil. S2 E2. DOGS TO A GUNFIGHT. marvel. netflix. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

tap review: daredevil. S2 E2. DOGS TO A GUNFIGHT. marvel. netflix. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

Episode one ‘Bang’ pretty much was a crash course in showing us the components of a dirty bomb. Episode 2 essentially was a guide in to putting these narrative components together.

daredevil. foggy. marvel. the action pixel. netflix. @theactionpixel

The aftermath of the Punisher visiting the hospital as if to shut down the very premise of outpatients, Foggy plays damage control searching rooftops for the felled Daredevil He finds him battered and bruised. The shot was to the head, but the Punisher aimed for a graze. Which was a pretty steep gamble my friend.

How Foggy got Matt from up there, all the way to his house, during a strong police presence in the area, not to mention neighbouring buildings overlooking the scene, is beyond us.

But Foggy, the mighty physical specimen he is, manages to get Matt home and the age old argument between friends on the impending doom that is sure to befall him if he kept dawning the mantle of the Devil and vigilantism.

Foggy’s pleas are of course met resistance and stubbornness.

So while Matt does some super rejuvenation (slightly less impressive than Weapon X’s healing factor), Foggy and Karen go about securing witness protection for Grotto from the coming blight that is The Punisher.
tap review: daredevil. S2 E2. DOGS TO A GUNFIGHT. marvel. netflix. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

And District Attorney Reyes, a real piece of work, deceivingly decides to use Grotto as bate to draw The Punisher out in a sting that goes tits up very quickly. The Punisher creates a diversion involving a truck and a dead gang member from The Dogs Of Hell. Sweet. While The Punisher opts for the long distance kill again. Must have forgotten what happened.

Daredevil, with a botched costume job to fix his helmet gets into another ’bout with the Punisher on the rooftop, with the added bonus of automatic police gun fire (the NYPD loves their guns) and the result pretty much ends the same way the first round did. Daredevil. Bested. And abducted. And with Grotto gone MIA during the scurry, Foggy is left to pick up the pieces. Again.
This episode doesn’t have as much layers to it… as it does have a filler-y type of purpose… to bring the Marvel Knights back on the same field for round 2.

The particular conversation between Karen and Matt is however gives a bit of direction in the thematic strands surely to pop up in the coming episodes: Do we create our own monsters? Is the actions of Daredevil paved the way for “Devil Worshippers”, men who would abandon governing law to dispense their own, presumably selfish brand of justice? Matt immediately dismisses the idea, but internally we suspect Karen’s 101 Hero philosophy cut a little deeper than he shows us.
daredevil_1. daredevil S2. netflix. marvel. daredevil. the action pixel. entertainment on tap. @theactionpixel

Another worth moment is Frank buying an illegal police radio from a pawn shop. The transaction just got seedier by the minute. First you saw the Swastika neck tattoo on the clerk. Then when Frank Castle spent his good, hard-earned money in his crumby store, the clerk decides to offer to sell Frank some kiddy porn. Perfect. We only wished we could have seen the blood pulp Castle left behind after bludgeoning him to death with the aluminium baseball bat.

At this point we know frank already has a soft spot for kids and animals (he rescued a abused dog from Episode 1 which he now keeps in a pretty un-secure lair where he stashes his weapons). So surely if anyone is going to throw the tank of rampage off his game, it will be to use one of those two things to get to him.

RATING: 3 out of 5 stars

Bit filler-y, but at this point you’re still in binge mode so it rolls off the back like the Punisher’s guilt. And again fight choreography suffers.

the action pixel. entertainment on tap. @THEACTIONPIXEL

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