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Kojima and Playstation – a match made in gamer heaven





This morning Playstation gamers rejoice as it’s officially been announced that Hideo Kojima’s brand new iteration of Kojima productions has entered into a partnership with Sony to create content for Playstation platforms.

For those not in the loop, Kojima has had somewhat of a falling out (understatement of the year) with his long time employer Konami, and the two have acrimoniously parted ways. Though the wider gaming world is still unsure as to what exactly happened, it’s clear there’s bad blood between the two parties with Konami reverting to petty tactics such as scrubbing Kojima’s name from the box-art of MGS V and banning him from attending this years Video Game Awards.

But now, Kojima’s contract with Konami is up and the big Sony announcement has been made and it seems like a fitting home for the Japanese auteur. Kojima has stated on the topic of the PS4:

‘I think, between the home consoles available in the domestic market, the PS4 is the best. It’s also excellent for graphics, being able to render 1080p at 60fps with room to spare. Since it does it a little better than other hardware, the image quality of the PS4 is the most beautiful. It’s the closest to the photorealistic quality we are aiming at.’
(Extract from an interview with SCE Japan and Asia. 2014)

So a preference for the PS4 on a technical level is easy to understand. Kojima might also have been tempted by Sony’s record of respect for established entities in the past, not rushing their first and second party partners to complete a project if they truly believe in it. Team Ico, having banked a lot of goodwill with masterpiece games, ‘Ico’ and ‘Shadow of the Colossus’   have taken what seems like a lifetime over Playstation Exclusive ‘The Last Guardian’ and it’s easy to imagine that Kojima will be given similar room to breath. So what if we don’t get the next Kojima game till 2020, if it’s as good as MGS V, it’ll be worth the wait.

It’s too early to speculate as to what form this new game will take (fingers crossed that Guilliermo Del Toro can be convinced to team up with Kojima again for another mind blowing horror along P.T. lines) but it’s safe to say Sony just banked themselves an incredibly valuable asset.


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