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Dark Horse Comics announces new Aliens: Defiance comic series



alien Defiance. dark horse comics. the action pixel. entertainment on tap. @theactionpixel

alien Defiance. dark horse comics. the action pixel. entertainment on tap. @theactionpixelDark Horse is about to trojan the perfect creature to us in the comic series based on the Alien franchise.

Announced at NYCC 2015, Aliens: Defiance will feature the collaborative efforts of writer Brian Wood (The Massive, Rebels) and artist Tristan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road, TMNT). Just in time too as we celebrate the anniversary of Alien

As the Alien: Defiance story goes, Colonial Marine Zula Hendricks, a rookie albeit, is forced to go AWOL in a hell-bound mission to protect Earth from a alien threat. Oh did we mention that that alien threat is Xenomorphs, you know, acid for blood, a worm mouth in a bigger fang-y mouth, sly as a muuhf*cker? No. Simple oversight.

Check out the cover art:alien Defiance. dark horse comics. the action pixel. entertainment on tap. @theactionpixel

Brian Wood had this to say about the announcement:

Alien was groundbreaking when it first debuted, and has only grown in relevance and pop culture legend since. Thirty-seven years is an impressive amount of time for any entertainment property to thrive, much less still top mainstream headlines and fuel speculation like it does. It’s an honour to be invited to add to that legend.

Jones also commented on the timelessness of the sci-fi / horror classic and working on the Alien: Defiance ongoing series:

Few films are as timelessly terrifying and the fact that it continues to grip audiences and affect them beyond any of its successors and imitators (of which there are plenty) is the strongest testament to how truly transcendent everything that went into, and came out of, Alien is. Being asked to be a part of something so defining, and so instrumental to the creative development of not just me, but so many, many others, is a lifelong dream come true.

The ongoing comic series will consist of 12 issues.

Aliens: Defiance #1 is set to hit comic book stores come April 27th 2016


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