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the troop. noel clarke. titan comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

the troop. noel clarke. titan comics. the action pixel. @theactionpixelNoel Clarke, the director behind, well, Kidulthood has put his skill to putting out a comic series. Yep, teaming up with artist Joshua Cassara, they have managed to craft The Troop, which by all appearances is a coming of age story where the young and troubled find themselves to be harbourers of great unbridled power whilst being hunted by evil forces. So X-Men, then.

But it got a nod and a sound bite from Mark Millar, and, I quote, “Fan-bloody-tastic”. Okay. What he said.

Description reads:

Across the planet and unknown to each other, a group of troubled teenagers lead lives of quiet desperation. But hell is about to befall them and they find their lives destroyed when they are targeted by dark forces. On the run, they discover they have unbelievable powers and must come together – as The Troop!

Check out the comic trailer in the player below


Titan Comics’ The Troop #1 is slated to hit comic shelves on December 9th 2015


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