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abbadon. adaptive books. the action pixel. entertainment on tap. @theactionpixelAdaptive Books recently streamed a trailer for their coming comic entitled Abbadon. Abbadon takes us to the lawless wild lands of the west, where a town destined for that fabled growth as a hub in America’s west. That is until a string of slaughters calls for a investigation by a US Marshal.

Description reads:
From prolific writers Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Power Girl, 21 Down) with art by Fabrizio Fiorentino & Alessia Nocera, Abbadon tells the tale of a city steeped in sin. The western boomtown of Abbadon is poised for a bright future until it experiences a series of gruesome murders. U.S. Marshal Wes Garrett is called to town to solve them.

See the comic book motion comic trailer in the player below:

Quite sexy if we do say so ourselves.

Synopsis reads:

Set in the late 1880s American West, Abbadon is a city steeped in sin, where anything is possible if you have the money, influence and power to obtain it. Poised to become the next boomtown, Abbadon is plagued by a series of murders heralding the arrival of U.S. Marshall Wes Garrett. A legendary lawman, Garrett’s claim to fame is that he killed a notorious murderer, who cut a bloody swath across the country and left scores of mutilated men, women and children in his wake.

Garrett’s arrival exposes the secret that Abbadon’s sheriff Colt Dixon has desperately been trying to conceal — the victims have all been mutilated the same way they were by the killer Garret stopped — a man some called a monster, but the papers called him Bloody Bill. Garrett and Dixon join forces to uncover the killer’s identity in a town so full of corruption that everyone is a suspect.

Abbadon is slated for release on ebook and book retailers on October 20th 2015


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