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WB explains Michelle MacLaren’s departure from Wonder Woman



wb maclaren Wonder Woman. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

wb maclaren Wonder Woman. the action pixel. @theactionpixelWe hypothesised when the news came down that Michelle MacLaren left the Wonder Woman project that it was bad news. It has surfaced that the so-called “creative differences” are.

Variety magazine claimed in what felt more like corporate spinning than actual reporting that MacLaren was “unaccustomed to the laborious development process associated with making movies”. Which honestly sounds very insulting and a public shaming in my opinion. WB went on to say she only had small screen experience working on Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones. To that we say, “and?”.

The fact is, when addressing MacLaren’s departure from Wonder Woman, WB initially led with a “creative differences” explanation, and not “not a right fix / not capable of executing her job” explanation.

So one has to ask, what was MacLaren’s vision for the Amazonian Princes. Well for starters, it was deeply rooted in what she represented all these years over at DC: a strong woman, warrior goddess of insurmountable strength, both of character, morals and physicality. MacLaren’s Diana was supposed to be a DC version of “Braveheart”, an epic origin story born on the battlefield. WB execs Wonder Woman? A character driven piece with less action. And cue the search for the Wonder Woman’s male love interest. Which in itself could play into the origins of a pilot crashing onto Themyscira, the mythical island located in the Bermuda Triangle inhabited by warrior women and bereft of males.

But it would seem WB’s version kinda makes the “Warrior Princess” reference redundant, doesn’t it? But the fact WB have brought in 5 different writers to work on 5 different scripts along with Jason Fuchs’ Wonder Woman script, doesn’t instil much confidence in the current direction of the piece.

Our thing is even if WB didn’t feel MacLaren was up to the task, they could have left the explanation at “creative differences”. But pettiness seems to be the fuel for this Variety-mag / WB exec tirade on Michelle MacLaren over some issue that could have been squashed before the mudslinging.

WB’s gotten Patty Jenkins to replace the MacLaren as director, who does have experience in both series (The Killing) and features (Monster). What the future holds beyond that is a toss-up. Let’s hope WB doesn’t do her dirty too.

“Did you think WB’s exec explanation of Michelle MacLaren was genuine?” Or just a padded explanation as a means of public shaming the director? Let us know what you think in the comment section?”


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