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Fire Emblem “Choose Your Path” Trailer



nintendo 3ds fire emblem. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

nintendo 3ds fire emblem. the action pixel. @theactionpixelThe “Choose Your Path” trailer for Nintendo 3DS’ Fire Emblem is imploring gamer fans to… well… choose a path.

The Nohr and Hoshido clan are pretty much on the verge of war. Hoshido, being more of the peace-hippie loving kind as opposed to the war-like Nohr, the gamer plays who hails from both conflicting factions, being born of Hoshido royalty but raised Nohr’s royal family.

The gamers choices will have a major impact on the narrative. And while major events in the game are pretty consistent, the choices you make will affect overall story and how you play. The Nohr campaign though promises to be more of a challenge. Revolutions aren’t easy to come by.

See the Nintendo 3DS’ Fire Emblem “Choose Your Path” in the player below:


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