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Cards Against Humanity get digitised into web-based game



cards against originality. the action pixel. @theactionpixel

cards against originality. the action pixel. @theactionpixelIf you didn’t spend all your uni-years drinking liquor during Fresher’s week through a suspect funnel and hose that looks like it was lifted from a medical lab, then you should remember playing card games like Cards Against Humanity. As the game defines itself, it is a fun party game for awful horrible humanoids like yourself, and involves one player asking questions from their black cards, and other players answering said questions with their funniest, most awkward responses writ on their white cards.

The original card game was released free for anyone to print off and make their own game. Well until now. Cards Against Originality is a web browser based game that has essentially digitised Cards Against Humanity, so it can be played online on any device. The unofficial digital version of Cards Against Humanity is designed by Dawson Whitfield, and the game is pretty available to anyone in the same Creative Commons’ spirit of the original card game.

On top of that, there is no need to install anything or worry about cross-device compatibility, and you can invite friend to play by sending them specifically generated links to your hosted game. All you have to worry about is that awkward silence from your friends when you answer any question they ask with “An all-midget production of Shakespeare’s Richard III”, “Blackface” or “Just the tip”.

I know, you are just the worse human being ever.

Check out the game here at

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