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The Long Dark update offers expanded maps and wolf protection



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So if you have not noticed earlier playing The Long Dark, you may come across a whole new stretch of land in the jurisdiction of the Coastal Highway. You thought, “Well that wasn’t there earlier.” And you are right. As a 10 square kilometre patch of rural mountain valley land has been added to the map.

We are sure why because this extra land has scattered on it various location that all are fitting for opening sequences for Texas Chainsaw Massacre; you’ll come across abandoned fields, farms and caves. Splendid.

The Long Dark is sandbox survival sim is not your ordinary game that puts you against aliens or zombies. Their brand of survival is against the most evil enemy known to man. Nature. The wilderness. I hear beast roam free there. Very atmospheric as gamers play as Will Mackenzie, a bush pilot, who has to brave the elements of the wild after his plain crashes due to an enigmatic geomagnetic phenomenon.

Oh there is that wolves problem. Always hunts in packs. Eat your guts. But not to worry as the new game update allows you to fend off wolf attacks using a torch. The update also gives plays a new user interface to keep track of inventory and harvest plants.

Creator Hinterland Games however is mainly focusing on making the speed of the game more efficient and further updates are due in the future:

We’ve seen quite a few notes about people with high-end systems experiencing lower than expected performance in the game,” the post reads. “We’re continuing to work on optimising the game world, but unfortunately some of the issues are related to how our core engine — Unity — was built, and how it utilises multiple CPU cores for physics objects.

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