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Star Trek: Alien Domain



Star Trek: Alien Domain. The Action Pixel @theactionpixel

Star Trek: Alien Domain. The Action Pixel @theactionpixelEven if you don’t know how to speak fluent Klingon or think Spock said ‘illogical’ one too many times, Star Trek is a sci-fi classic that will forever stand the test of time. Now they have a video game, overyl humble if you ask me, based on the Star Trek universe called Alien Domain. The game allows players to choose between different factions of the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, build space stations on land and defend you intergalactic turf against warring enemies. And this all takes place in the enigmatic, dangerous Fluidic Space. Good fun, free to play game, just in case you want to take a break from playing Marvel’s Contest Of Champions.

See the game trailer for Star Trek: Alien Domain in the player below:

Check out the storyline behind Star Trek: Alien Domain:

It has been many years since the U.S.S. Voyager returned and the galaxy was first introduced to the realm of fluidic space and its violent, xenophobic resident, Species 8472. After reaching an uneasy truce with Starfleet, Species 8472 returned to fluidic space. However, not convinced the truce would last, the Federation and Klingon Empire began researching and evaluating the potential threat posed by 8472, including investigating new anomalies that could open doorways back to the dark dimension.

During one of these investigations, Federation and Klingon forces were pulled into an unexplored area of fluidic space, which contained far more physical matter than Voyager’s crew had reported. It didn’t take long for the stranded crews to learn that this was no accident: Species 8472 had broken the truce and had, in fact, been trapping species in fluidic space for quite some time. With their ships heavily damaged and unable to recreate the rifts that brought them through, the explorers slowly realized that this mission was no longer one of discovery… but survival.

Star Trek: Alien Domain was released December 2014, and is available to play for free at

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