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What would a scientist want with 200 Playstation 3s?



ps3 Blackhole. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

ps3 Blackhole. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelThere is no doubt Dr. Gaurav Khanna loves his Playstation 3 game platforms. Plural because he is using all 200 of them. For what? Well as you know Playstation 3 has graced our bed and living-rooms with the greatest gaming entertainment for the past few years since its release. But stick 200 of them together, and a New England-situated physics professor may very well be close to opening an alternate dimension or two.

Effectively, Physics professor Dr. Khanna has managed to build a “supercomputer” he uses to study the phenimena of black holes. According to Khanna, “science has become expensive”. So he came up with the solution: sticking 200 PS3s, virtually creating a poor man’s Hadron Collider.

The doctor works at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and began his work back in 2007 where he interconnected 16 PS3 platforms to simulate black hole collisions. His 200 platforms should be able to handle an dprocess a vast amount of data.

Sony donated (only) 4 of the PS3’s to Khanna’s research, and while supercomputers of the future in Khanna’s research won’t necessarily be PS3-powered, initial data obtained from the systems undoubtedly will prove invaluable for Khanna’s research.

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