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Is this our first look at Deus Ex Universe?



deus Ex universe. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

Today, Eidos Montreal unveiled their new Dawn Engine™;  a nex-gen piece of software designed specifically with high spec PC’s, the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 in mind.

To quote Eidos’ press release:

“The result of this work is the Dawn Engine. Based on a heavily modified version of IO Interactive’s Glacier™ 2 engine, it represents the beginning of a new era for us. Our ambition is to build upon and improve both the visual and immersive artistry in our games, whilst also strengthening both the gameplay and storytelling experiences we strive to create.”

Complete with this news comes a screenshot that looks incredibly familiar to those of us who enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution; now this is just conjecture from the writer of this piece, but this may just be the first real look we’ve had at the new Deus Ex Universe that’s been confirmed as in development for the last 4 years.

deus Ex universe. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelThe press release states:

“As you can imagine, the Dawn Engine will form the cornerstone for all Deus Ex Universe projects at Eidos-Montréal. Some of you have had concerns that “Universe” meant “MMO”. Rest assured, it does not.

Deus Ex Universe is the name we are giving to the fictional world and the rich lore we are creating for it, which will of course include core games, as well as any other projects that will help bring the world of Deus Ex to life. We won’t go into too much detail for now, but what we envision is for our projects to have meaningful ties to one another, in order for them to strengthen and deepen your experience within this Universe.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come with with a release date or any formal announcement, but don’t worry, T.A.P will let you know when there’s something to report.

Finally, check out the released screenshot below, it’s absolutely gorgeous:Eidos' Deus Ex. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

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