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“Great progress” made on the Xbox One Gears Of War game



gears of war coming to xbox one. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixel

gears of war coming to xbox one. The Action Pixel. @TheActionPixelGears Of War arguably was one of the only reasons that prompted me getting an Xbox 360 when the game first dawned upon mine eyes. And the gameplay truly was addictive. The detail of the animation and locust environment always intrigued if I wasn’t too shit-scared dealing with boomers and that stupid blind juggernaut that used to charge at you like madman. Gears Of War 3 was a slight letdown with Dom gone, and the only baddy that really got my heart racing was Raam, but overall the franchise was awesome. The tactical-cover mechanism reminiscent of Kill Switch and that sexy reload technique was an artform; if you tapped that magazine’s ass just right, each round would have that much more impact. If you didn’t, then you’d spend that much more time trying to feed the magazine into your chainsaw assault rifle properly. Looking like a special child trying to feed a cube through a circle slot.

But with the long-rumoured film in development amongst other things, it would seem Gears Of War is due for another video game release on Xbox One! The Twittersphere was rife with news on the development of a certain productive meeting betwixt Microsoft-owned developer Black Tusk Studios and the head of Xbox Phil Spencer:

Microsoft got the rights to Gears Of War from Epic Games earlier in January, and it seems they wasted no time trying to put the acquirement to good use. Plus Xbox’s Phil Spencer promises the game won’t be a reboot, which is always a good thing seeing that nex-gen consoles and recent rushes to make unrealistic deadline have seen a cacophony of rushed and recycled material disrespectfully slapping us in the face. Halo: Master Chief Collection anyone?

But in any case, we are so looking forward to the first taster images to be coming out of the Black Tusk camp pronto-ish.

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