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Microsoft gets Activision. And Sony has a lot – and very little – to say

Disney Plus of gaming?



xbox, microsoft, activision, blizzard, the action pixel, Microsoft acquires Activision, featured,
xbox, microsoft, activision, blizzard, the action pixel, Microsoft acquires Activision, featured,

With the latest move that has the gaming eco-system reeling from the shock, Xbox’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard may be only be completed officially in 2023, but already the questions of of future games have come in heavy alongside Thanos and Endgame memes.

One such question is, will Xbox be making Activision games from here on out platform exclusive. Sadly, there is no concrete way of knowing this. And this is in spite of Activision stating it will “continue to ensure” that currently planned games for dual platforms will be honoured. Operative word ‘current’.

And with Sony chiming in on the move that totally wiped out 20 billion dollars of market value in trades (yikes!) went ahead and claimed that they “expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform”.

But this would most certainly undermine the whole point of acquisition. Which is to create an insular eco-system where you control all points of purchase and access along the line. Bethesda Games Deathloop, that were contractually agreed to be released on both Xbox and Playstation were honoured post-Microsoft acquisition.

So, we don’t see any reason why Microsoft would not honour dual-system game releases which they are legally bound to. But after they get that out of the way… do you really think Microsoft would concern themselves with churning out an award-winning game for the Playstation and not their console?

For those that see the writing on the wall, Xbox has pulled a Disney Plus, and may have chosen the nuclear option erecting themselves at the top of the cinerary pile as overlord. But that is our opinion.

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