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Kim Dickens to star in The Walking Dead spin-off



kim dickens to star in The Walking Dead spinoff. The Action pixel @theactionpixel

kim dickens to star in The Walking Dead spinoff. The Action pixel @theactionpixelKim Dickens has up and got herself cast in the spin-off of the titular Fox series The Walking Dead, based on the Image Comic Series. With The Walking Dead already okayed for Season 6, breaking records with their high viewership, the series is certainly keeping up the pressure.

This is particularly interesting as this will be a female led narrative, and the dynamics of that gives new avenues of narrative exploration. This spin-off is set to be a prequel to the current The Walking Dead TV series.

Kim Dickens, the Sons Of Anarchy and Gone Girl star, is set to play the guidance councillor Nancy Tomkins, “A thirty-something single mom to two kids, Nancy looks like the girl next door, but there’s an edge to her.”

This has yet to be officially confirmed by the production studio.

The Walking Dead spinoff also has cast Alycia Debnam Carey (Ashley) and Frank Dillane (Nick) to play Nancy’s kids. Ashley is described as ‘level-headed’ and her brother is antithetical, described as the “screwed-up” son that is “too old to stay home, but too scared to flee.”

This spinoff has the potential to deliver a great narrative idea, as Kim’s character has the “girl next door” type of vibe, but certainly has an ugly grit to her that she’ll undoubtedly tap into to survive the coming blight of humanity.

TAP’ll certainly will look for more development of this and the return of The Walking Dead come February 2015.

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