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Bloodborne: New Screenshots and Trailer



Bloodborne. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Bloodborne. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixelThe good people at Sony and From Software gave us a little taste today of what to expect with the coming of Bloodborne. The Bloodborne roleplaying game revealed screenshots giving us insights into the look of the environment, enemies, weapons and characters of the game.

gyula Bloodborne. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Gyula. © From Software

Noticeably is the addition of a character called Gyula, who From Software has pegged as an “old veteran hunter” with deft abilities.
City Of Yharnam Bloodborne. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

“City Of Yharnam” in Bloodborne. © From Software

Masaaki Yamagiwa, Bloodborne‘s producer, also teases us with other mysterious game elements, like the Cainhurst Castle and its aura of mystery and secrecy as well the city of Yharnam, a labyrinth of ruin said to have been built by “something other than human hands”.
Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne. © From Software


We also get a look at the new Bloodborne “Whipping Cane” weapon. In its normal form, you can use the weapon in short range attacks, but the weapon has a dual function of long range attacks, as the cane can transform into a whip. We suspect it’s a replica of the same kind of cane teachers used in the “Victorian-corporal punishment” era.Whipping Cane in Bloodborne. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

Whipping Cane in Bloodborne. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

The “Whipping Cane” in Bloodborne. © From Software

And with From Software promising some more exciting news on the Bloodborne title come early September, it seems we can expect a game wit some solid punch. Watch the trailer to top off the ‘wait’ tank if you haven’t seen it already:


Bloodborne is set for release on the PS4 February 6th 2015

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