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Telltale Games’ Game Of Thrones: Trailer



Games of Thrones from Telltale Games. Iron from Fire. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixelTelltale Games have finally given us an official full length trailer for the upcoming Game Of Thrones title. Only fitting since we’ve gotten a goblet-full of teasers, some intentional, others… well… not so much.

In the game you will be able to control 5 characters from the House of Forrester, a little known House that is loyal to the Starks, a lot of the action taking place in Ironrath. The 5-character element is a huge leap for Telltale Games, and more the intricasises of gameplay; the decisions you make as one character can have an impacting effect on a situation of another character in the Forrester Household.

Game Of Thrones: Royland. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel

© Telltale Games

Telltale Games also revealed a Forrester-affiliated character in the game, known as Royland Degore:

Royland Degore joined Lord Forrester’s army after his family was wiped out by Ironborn during Balon Greyjoy’s rebellion. Degore had a natural grasp of military tactics and strategy and came to play a crucial role in the siege of Pyke that ended the war. In the months that followed, King Robert awarded Royland a knighthood and Lord Forrester asked him to serve as Ironrath’s Master-at-Arms. Ser Royland still holds the position and is known for his military expertise… as well as his legendary temper.

No definite release dates as of yet, but updates will definitely be soon.
Check out the trailer in the player below:

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