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Marvel’s Black Panther Concept Poster / Logo Revealed



Marvel, having recently released their work schedule up to 2019, we were stoked to see the Black Panther in the running. So in typical titilating fashion, Marvel has upped the anti and released concept poster by Ryan Meinerding and logo art for Black Panther, which shows a detailed costume design. The role of the hero will be played by Chadwick Boseman, who has only recently been making waves in the film circuit; he stars as James Brown in the forthcoming biopic Get On Up.

This film is particularly noteworthy for being the first comic film since forever to have a black lead. Marvel have slowly but surely taken steps to challenge the race-sex paradigm of old in the comic superhero universe, so it will be interesting to get a taste of the narrative in months to come. Check out the artwork below:

Black Panther Poster Concept @TheActionPixel


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