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“Mortal Kombat X”: Gameplay and Release Date



Mortal Kombat X: On @TheActionPixel

Mortal Kombat X: On @TheActionPixelI remember vividly my first time playing Mortal Kombat and even then I understood how revolutionary the game was, even back then. Fast-forward a decade plus years to MCM London Comic Con, I found myself in a snake-meandering line waiting to get a taste of Mortal Kombat X. I ended up side-by-side with a gamer who said she’s never played before. But a big part of me felt she was leading me on as she won 2 sets out of 3, ending with a Fatality at one point. But to be fair to me, we were both button-bashing, except I was trying to ascertain the moves while she was trying to kill me.

The game signals the re-arrival of Quan Chi, the Sorcerer. Kicking people through portals an ish. The game will have 24 playable characters, with customisable costumes and characters. Crowd-favourites Scorpion, Sub- Zero and Raiden still heads up the roster. Most noticeably is the inclusion of X-ray that adds a visceral, extra-dimension to gameplay where your sanguine lust for carnage is lovingly satisfied. Environments are also interactive so you have the ability to do some major damage by meleé-ing opponents with objects around you. The gameplay is intense, and the characters are balanced in the sense you won’t have a character mismatched in the special move / powers department. The return to the one plain / arcade-styled set up, minus the visceral 3D cutscenes, brings back an ease, naturally-tailored gameplay back to the game. But, funnily enough, one criticism I heard that made me chuckle came from the friend of the girl I was playing:

“I hate that they still make the blood look ‘ketchup-y’. It needs to be darker”.

Spoken like a true psychopath gamer. The game hits shelves April 14th 2015, and with talks of another Mortal Kombat live-action series in the works, NetherRealms Studio will surely be busy in the coming months.

See what characters like Raiden are capable of in the Reveal Trailer below. In one word, #visceral:


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