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Bethesda and Xbox delivers a Ruskie Fallout-esque trailer for “Atomic Heart”

The Red Scare in this reality is a consistent threat and mechanised. Kinda like the Red Scare in our reality



atomic heart, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,
atomic heart, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,

Xbox and Bethesda dealt out a lot of premieres and exclusives at E3 2021, and considering their recent merger, it should not come as a surprise Microsoft is looking to make good with their recent acquisition.

And the official announcement trailer of Atomic Heart rolled out very Fallout-centric visual, albeit on a trippy dose of acid your dad left in his jeans jacket pocket from the days of Woodstock. But we digress.

And why is every narrative nowadays going to, or dealing with Russia in some form. Cold War 2.0 all over the zeitgeist at the moment. Only the future will tell if this is orchestrated or just lazy writing.

Description reads:

Atomic Heart is coming day one to Xbox Game Pass on console, PC, and cloud. Atomic Heart takes place in the Soviet Union in an alternative reality sometime in 1955, where technology like the internet, holograms and robots have already been invented. The main protagonist is a special agent called P-3, who is sent by the government to investigate a manufacturing facility that has fallen silent.

Watch the Atomic Heart Official Announcement trailer in the player below:

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