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The Suit makes the Man



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suitUp @ theactionpixel.comWe (the 99%) have once in our life time dreamed about being wealthy, whether through clawing up the ranks towards socioeconomic bliss, building a financial empire or inheriting from mommy and daddy (or both). As such, the closest us mortals and non-superheroes can ever hope to take on the mantle of hero is to have drive, a marketable skill, look good in body armour or latex and, well, be filthy rich. Great lesson comic book world. Give the wealthy sociopaths of the world a greater sense of power and entitlement. So we compiled our favourite billionaire playboy heroes, and put all our collective brainpowers together to figure out how much would their suits cost. Someone once said the man makes the suit. Well that diva obviously never met these guys:
batmanWith all his parents money (inherited money is always better), Bruce Wayne has deep pockets to get all the necessary gadgets and kits. Made generally from Para-Aramid and Aramid materials, this suit is hardline to be a real runway stopper. Or punch poor people criminals square in the face. But its gonna cost ya over £1,200,000. And sorry fashionistas, all accessories are only available in black. There’ll be no colour mix and matching here.

Green Arrow Suit Costs © 2014 Dulani Wilson  /

Green Arrow Suit Costs © 2014 Dulani Wilson /

Not as spend-thrifty as the Bats, but Oliver Queen’s fetish for the Robin Hood-esque will cost you a tidy bundle. All leather everything, Para-Aramid and Aramid lining, classic handcrafted longbow and accessories, his suit will cost you a measly £6,000+. You can use all that extra money you saved learning archery and picking up women.
Ironman Suit Costs © 2014 Dulani Wilson  /

Ironman Suit Costs © 2014 Dulani Wilson /

The warmonger turned philanthropist, playboy genius inventor spares no expense when it comes to his suit. The exoskeleton is made of complex moving parts and infused with the greatest technological feats known to man. Namely speaking a eco-friendly nuclear arc reactor the size of a hockey puck buried in his chest. That’s got to cost billions. And with such a hefty price tag and ego to match, its no wonder he is the only one of our stupidly wealthy heroes that cares little about concealing his identity. Expect to spend about… a couple billion for research and construction- give or take. The red and yellow paint job will cost you extra.
They say you should dress for the job you want. But when it comes to our comic billionaires, you create the job and spend shit loads of money on gear to dress however the hell you want. Such a valuable lesson to us all.